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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Patterns in the Works!

So I have been a busy little girl! I have three patterns that are just about ready to be done. They are going to be another little boy quilt with cars and trucks on it, a super simple a-line skirt, and applique t-shirts! So keep checking to see when I get them totally finished!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Wait, My quilt Pattern!

Ok so I just finished this quilt about a week and a half ago and I still am so excited about it becasue it is my first quilt pattern I have designed for my little business! I just love it! It is my prep school quilt pattern.

My Patterns So Far........

Ok so here are what I have so far! Starting from the top left to right, the Lil' Lulu dress, Sassy Sue's Skirt, Lil' Miss Sass Jacket, Lil' Sassy's 2 &1, Cuddle bug baby bunting, Frilly Apron, Adult Strip Skirt, PJ Pants, The "Not So Utility" Apron, and lastly the Summer dress. I know thats a lot to take in, but it was fun right?


Ok so I finally gave in and made a blog. Oh man I didn't think I was technology challenged, but for some reason making this blog just about killed me! Ha ha. But I am happy to say that I finally figured it out and may I say its so fun! I love it! So here are some of my designs that I have done so just let me know if you want some!