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Friday, March 5, 2010


Ok so I finally gave in and made a blog. Oh man I didn't think I was technology challenged, but for some reason making this blog just about killed me! Ha ha. But I am happy to say that I finally figured it out and may I say its so fun! I love it! So here are some of my designs that I have done so just let me know if you want some!


  1. LOVE the Frilly Apron pattern!! Too Cute! Found you from jandi in follower. Looking forward to seeing your fun things!

  2. would love some of your patterns. where do I get them???

  3. You can get my patterns from this cute quilt shop I work at. Their website is You can order them right off of that! Or just give them a call at 801-495-4290. Thanks for the good remarks. :)